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Fashion is a subject that, sorry for the wordplay, never goes out of fashion. Connected at all that is on trend and all that still will come with power, the sisters Flavia and Roberta Santos give speeches throughout the country and talk about what they dominate: how to dress well. With experience in meeting groups of friends, stores and brands, they always talk about the current issues on the area and they answer the most frequently asked questions about the subject that, in addition to searching and studying incessantly, they love since their teenage years.

The sisters Flavia and Roberta Santos do a lot of workshops that directly meet customers demands, may it be from a store, a brand or a group of interested people, that want to learn more about fashion. With knowledge acquired in various courses ( in Brazil and abroad ) and with over 7 years of a consolidated career, the duo has the experience to talk about various topics related to style, image and lifestyle.